Surbhi Rata

ABOUT Surbhi Rita

C-MAA, Referral Coordinator

Medical College



I have been associated with the medical field for the past couple of years, mainly on the administrative side. Recently, I worked as an office Assistant at Inland Endocrine in Rancho Cucamonga for 6 months apart from being a health care volunteer at Casa Colina in Pomona for few years.

I chose this field because I always wanted to be involved in healthcare related activities; havingg a passion to work in ateam to facilitate patient care. Hence, apart from getting associate degrees in Language Arts, and Social Behavioral Science, I did the NHA certified Medicl Administrative course.

I started working with Indus 2 months ago and feel very fortunate to have gotten this opportunity. The doctors are very caring and considerate, and all the colleagues are very helpful, supportive, encouraging, and amazingly friendly. It is certainly motivationg for putting my best.

Just in this short tim, I have cherishing moments of great team environment including having great fun in various celebrations and group outings. I am really excited being a part of such an amazing and wonderful team.